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"Magic Accordion" is a popular program delivered by the musician and teacher Sergei Likhachov for children and adults.

It consists of 2 parts: a concert and a quiz. The concert is an instrumental duet of soloists of the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble Sergei Likhachov (button accordion) and Vladimir Bogomolov (guitar).

The second part is interactive: music quiz, contests, jokes, songs and dances. Children do not only learn interesting facts about the history of the accordion and listen to music, but also have fun.

The audience, both children and adults, are directly involved in the program, and in the end form a close-knit orchestra.

Since 2016 the program has gained international status. It was performed to military doctors from Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe during the Military medical relay race in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy; concerts were held in Tampere, Finland.

"Magic Accordion" is suitable for birthday celebrations of any age, and is a great entertainment at cultural, sports and business events, or simply recreation in the country.

Video from Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center, St. Petersburg

Video from "Petersburg season in Norinskaya" (place of political exile of Iosif Brodsky)


The program "Magic Accordion" for adults in sanatoriums, Rehabilitation Centers, concert halls:

The program "Magic Accordion" for children in schools, kindergartens, festivals, libraries, concert halls: