Nikolai Chaikin. Children's Album for bayan (accordion)

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Nikolai Chaikin.
Children's Album

The Compozitor Publishing House * Sankt Petersburg represents the Childrens Album for Bayan (Accordion) by the distinguished Russian composer Nikolai Chaikin.

The edition is fulfilled by Yuri Likhachov, disciple of Nikolai Chaikin, Honoured Art Worker of Russia, director of the St Petersburg V. V. Andreyev Children Music School, author of the original educational programme.

The Childrens Album by N. Chaikin is the first composition of such a kind through the whole history of accordion (bayan) music literature. The Album embraces 40 dulcet pieces of diverse nature. It was in 1969, when Chaikins Album started enjoying its popularity, having been published for the first time. Since that it has been impressing musical pedagogical world by doubtless achievements in both art and education. Therefore the Album got its second edition in 1983.

The present edition was implied for to attract young accordionists to the unique repertoire, fortunately occurred to be larger than life.

Nikolai Yakovlevich Chaikin (15.02.1915 17.02.2000) was born in Kharkov. It was the family of office workers. However, the boys father loved music and managed to inculcate it in his son. Then there followed the years of studying in the music school. Simultaneously the young musician took part in the Kharkov Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments. The higher musical education was connected for Nikolai Chaikin with the Kiev Conservatoire where he conducted music literature score-reading. Chaikin graduated in 1940 as the composer and pianist.

The Great Patriotic War brought Chaikin to front musical brigade. Being its composer and arranger, he also played accordion at the ensembles mostly important performances. Medals and honours were conferred to him for his merits during the war time.

Nikolai Chaikin is especially marked for the bayan repertoire worked out through his career. The Sonata B minor for bayan in four movements appeared in the period of the 19431944. That was the famous bayan-player N. I. Rizol, organizer and member of the Kiev Philharmonic Bayan Quartet, to have assisted him. Due to this Sonata the bayans abilities were demonstrated in full swing.

After the war Chaikin resided in Moscow, serving as the music editor in the publishing house. His pedagogical practice renewed in 1951 firstly at the Moscow State Gnesins Pedagogical Institute and then at the Gorky Conservatoire. Numerous executants, laureates of mostly prestigious local and international competitions, so as many talented teachers were brought up by him. Meanwhile, his composition activity was evolving impetuously. There appeared the Concerto for bayan and Symphony orchestra, the Second Sonata for bayan, Concert Suite, Concert Triptych and other brilliant creations, among which there was the Childrens Album.

Nikolai Chaikin was also the well-known public figure, who exchanged letters with musicians all over the world. He is the author of treatises on the vital questions of accordion education. Scientific practical conferences in this country and abroad were rarely held without him. One of his scientific musical achievements was the new position of the right hand passing to five fingers. He was often invited to competitions in Russia and abroad as the jury member. The composer has been thrice elected the vice-president of the International Accordionists Confederation. Chaikins many-sided creative activity has been recognized all over the world.

The publication of Childrens Album by N. Chaikin is the homage to the Musician, Teacher and Man on the day of his ninetieth birthday, glorifying the Great Victory on the day of its Sixtieth Anniversary.

Yuri Likhachov

1. Call-up

2. Echo

3. Little Piese

4. Little Canon

5. Getting on the March

6. Step by Step

7. Tune

8. Good Humour

9. Little Song

10. Pioneer Bugle

11. Serenade

12. Polka

13. Sorrowful Meditation

14. Children's Numbering

15. Ukrainian Polka

16. Santa Claus and Little Hare

17. New-Year Round Dance

18. Snow Maiden's Dance

19. Evening Promenade

20. Lullaby

21. Dance

22. Romance

23. Waltz

24. Russian Dance

25. Drummer and Trumpeter

26. Bosom Waltz

27. Graceful Dance

28. Mazurka

29. On the Steamship

30. Sailors' Dance

31. March-Song

32. Matryoshka Dolls

33. Chastushka

34. Riding Donkey

35. Incantation

36. On the Meadow

37. Little Pioneer Polka

38. Russian Dance

39. Little Rondo

40. Tale (Fugue-fantasy)

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